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Cuppy cakes, part two.

All right, so I was so excited about making the cupcakes leading up to Baking Day. Then I got excited at how pretty they turned out.

And then I ate them. T_T

The strawberry ones, though not as pretty or fragrant as the lime ones (and the frosting was still too runny, ugh), turned out better in texture and general cupcake-ness. The cake part was moist and fluffy, and the frosting had more of a strawberry-yogurt quality to it.

The lime ones turned out dense and kind of chewy, with the frosting quite a bit more overbearing than I had thought. Perhaps the flavor intensified as the frosting set? In any case, if I do lime cupcakes again -- which I probably will, just to get my kicks -- I'm going to do a much subtler flavor for the frosting and actually use the dang electric mixer on the batter.

So, I could lie and say they were beautiful in taste, texture and decoration, but the high scores really only landed in the third category. I told you baking was not my strong point!

That bastard delicious chocolate cake I made for Dylan's 22nd birthday party (see), however, was a fortunate fluke and the exception to the rule. It wasn't the prettiest thing, but at least it was ass-kicking delicious.

So, my first venture into cupcakes, upon post-taste re-evaluation, was more like a C.
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