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Busy on vacation

Since my parents went out of town for the holidays, I've been cooking (and eating) a blue streak. Can you imagine eating a blue streak? I'm thinking the dinner scene in Hook.

Anyway, yes, I rather enjoy cooking at home and eating at home, and feeding people in my home. When I actually have my own home, I do intend to keep that up. I don't even remember the last time I ate out. Wasn't that long ago, but it's so totally forgettable.

Here's what's gone down in my kitchen via one big chicken purchase:

- Fried chicken legs and breast strips a la Cameron, with honey mustard a la Dan
- Store-bought mac & cheese casserole, doctored with English cheddar
- Store-bought toss-yer-own Caesar salad

Okay, so a minimum of the work in the above set was done by me. But I was happy to host it and happier to eat it. I just hated cleaning up after it.

- Roast chicken marinated in balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, rosemary, other stuff
- Spaghetti tossed with store-bought pesto
- Garlic-herb bread (gotta love Trader Joe's premade doughs)
- Spring mix salad with raspberry (or balsamic) vinaigrette

- Thai peanut chicken, atop a bed of . . .
- Bean thread noodles

I'm especially fond/proud of the Sunday meal, because it came from a last-ditch effort to squeeze use out of the last of the chicken. Fortunately in this Filipino household we always have an abundance of soy sauce and fish sauce (which we Pinoys call patis but I think the Thai call it nam pha). I mixed that ess with some peanut butter, some sri racha chili paste, some crushed garlic and a little brown sugar. What I really wish I had at the time, though, was some cilantro and lime. Every household worth its salt should always have cilantro and lime handy, or at least limes, for chrissakes. And I also wish that I had some of that fresh-ground peanut butter instead of Albertson's creamy junk. At least I know what to do next time I go the Thai peanut route. I'm thinking satay beef skewers.

Monday was spent gorging on traditional black folks' New Year food. I could go on.

Tonight at my house, it's TACO NIGHT! You KNOW you wish you were here, if you aren't already. ♥
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