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In hunger, truth.

I can't believe it's been almost three years since my last entry here and the account still exists. Thanks, LJ! I was worried I wouldn't have a subject-appropriate place to whine about food.

Yeah, whine. It's a dark time for me and food these days.

No money (and I mean NO money) means no going out to eat, no exotic/gourmet groceries, no snacks, no treats. Cameron has treated me a few times in the past couple of weeks.

I have so little money (and who knows for how long this time) that I only eat what I can find in the house or what people give to me. Needless to say, it's been an eye-opening journey through my kitchen. I've thrown out less food than I should have, and I've forced myself to try eating lots of questionable things -- things without expiration dates that obviously should have them, for instance (and yet my steel stomach still does not yield to food poisoning).

Perhaps the best find in my pantry were a couple of lentil soup mixes; after adding some brown rice, herbs, and spices, I was able to eat from this lentil soup for about four days. Sometimes a bowl of cereal and a multi-vitamin is all I will afford myself for a whole day. You'd think I'd be losing weight, but I'm not. My body knows I'm in survival mode. It's holding all the reserves I have stored up. My stomach is shrinking, though -- the actual organ, not my abdominal area (unfortunately).

Coming here to for the aforementioned whining, first thing I did was read my last entry. I sure do wish I were THAT kind of broke, that last entry! I have more bills now than before, and less money stored up . . . and my kitchen hasn't had anything gourmet in it for an eternity. Still, the sentiment is the same -- I have to make the best of what I have. It makes me laugh how much more I want to eat when I don't have any money. It's just like us humans to desire most what we simply can't have.

And without further ado, a cathartic list of the foods that I sorely miss:
- Indian, Thai, Mediterranean, even higher-end Chinese food
- all-American steak dinners with all the trimmings
- barbecue, especially pork ribs
- shrimp, any preparation
- quality ice cream and/or gelato
- a damn good burger from a schmancy sit-down burger joint
- gourmet cheese, the kind that they sample out in Whole Foods
- pretty much everything in the produce aisle besides bananas and lemons

The thing that also kills me is that even if I decided I COULD afford to pay in the double-digits for one single meal, gas is so frickin' steep that I'm practically adding $10 to the price of said meal by even driving to the place. I love finding a place that's just far enough to be a treat to drive to, something so special that convenience is wholly unimportant. So here's another depressing list of longing and regret . . .

Specific eateries and experiences that I miss:
- Sushi Delight, my favorite sushi joint in the universe
- Bombay Tandoori in Redondo Beach
- Canter's Deli in Fairfax, which I miss as soon as I leave anyway, so whatev
- Porky's in San Pedro (I miss Muggy's chicken so bad, I tear up a little)
- Green Field Churrascaria in Long Beach
- Creme de la Crepe in Riviera Village
- The Cat and Fiddle in Hollywood
- Mashti Malone's, also in Hollywood

I also miss having the money to go out for a drink or two. I don't even drink that much, but I miss having the option to eat/drink as I please (hovering within the $-$$ Zagat range, natch). That's all this really amounts to . . . I miss having options.
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