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Bento returns, and we introduce the "health conscience" tag

Lately I've been thinking about my eating habits because I know I eat like crap (anyone who glances at me could guess that). Eating like crap has finally bothered me, started to worry me in the form of physically manifesting symptoms. Not one to discuss wholly unappetizing topics in a food journal, let's just say I'm trying to get my life together by actually, honestly, trying to eat lighter and more balanced fare.

With that said . . .

It's been nearly a year since I announced my interest in bento and my intention to, at some point in my life, jump headlong into the cult of kawaii-ing one's food. That desire hasn't gone away; it's simply waned in the wake of overwhelming winter laziness. Today, after awakening prematurely to a very urgent need to go to the local Mitsuwa Market (follow your dreams, amirite), I've finally begun to collect very basic ingredients and tools for making bento happen.

Here be a quick rundown of the goods I picked up:
- a . . . thing - not a proper bento box, but a nice container
- baran - little grass-shaped food dividers
- tiny sauce bottles - shaped like fish, pigs, etc. *w*
- ajinori and mochigome - rice and seaweed, the absolute necessities
- tamago furikake - rice seasoning with bits of egg
- tamagoyaki - sold in $2 slabs at the market, 'til I get my pan
- dashi miso - flava, sho' nuff
- cubyrop - because a little bit of candy is awesome

I probably got some other stuff but I'm too lazy to go check my bag, much less put them out and take pictures for posting.

And like I said before, I know that jlist sells a lot of naughty things but they're also fine and reliable purveyors of quality bento goods. Next check will definitely have a portion dedicated to an order with them. Lace-pattern baran and strawberry- and pepper-shaped squeeze bottles sound too awesome to resist, as does a pair of Hello Kitty lunch totes for $3 each. Plus, I am absolutely butt-crazy for food gadgetry in general. If you've seen it on TV, I probably want it.

If I'm doing this final semester at ECC right, I'm going to be at school for two long days a week. And aside from being bored with the local options as far as proximal eateries, I'm not all that interested in spending money at crowded junk-food dispensaries. I could just be nibbling marginally healthier food in my shaded parking spot, music playing and my required reading close at hand.

Followers of this journal (all one of you) can expect to see more regular updates as I try to get a grip on what I eat and how I handle my food. I'm going to be logging my diet for a while to see what changes I need to make, and I'll probably talk about that a little, and I'll certainly include some photo-posts of especially fun decobento lunches I put together.
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