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Introducing the "cooking boner" and "sausagefest" tags

The past week was bad enough, being sick during my spring break, but what was really horrible was being cooped up in my house with a cooking boner. Cooking would've been pretty much the last thing I could/should do, having no groceries of use, no energy, no appetite for solids, and no ability to taste. And since all I could stomach was hot liquid, who else would eat my food with all my germs all over it? T_T

I've been wanting to play with ground beef lately, thanks to a conversation among friends and an episode of that Sarah Moulton show on PBS. I'd like to make burger patties of my own experimental recipe, maybe Hawaiian style like at Islands or something more Cajun-inspired. I dunno. If that's what I'm going to be doing, I had better get to know my dad's barbecue grill, since frozen patties and relatively finicky palates have the monopoly at Chez Little. Well, more on that in the far-flung future when it's safe(r) for me to cook.

Coming up soon is our third annual fête de manger, Sausagefest. I leave it up to the men to handle their meat (hubba hubba) but I've historically been the Bringer of Watermelon. I like to bring the produce since most people prefer not to, opting instead to bring chips or cookies or something. That's definitely a role I will assume again this year, but I have a better idea than just watermelon. No, it's not another year of skewering, buttering, and foiling a ton of half-ears of white corn. That was good and all, but it probably needed to be prepped the morning of instead of the night before.

I'm gonna bring various fresh fruits, like delish summer strawberries washed and kept on ice, maybe red and green grapes, cantaloupe, pineapple. And what to match fruits but veggies? How about the burger fixins! That's right, fixins. I'll be in charge of stuff like tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and onions -- and if we bring a skillet, I might be able to caramelize onions to order!

Any suggestions on what produce I should bring?
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