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Such an odd thing to take for granted.

My dad made home-fried potatoes, you know, those peppery little diced potatoes that are fried up and fantastic. I wanted some with my breakfast, but since they were left-over potatoes they could have used a little help. I decided to reach for my old friend Ketchup.

We're out of ketchup in this house! OUT of ketchup! How long had this been going on!?

No 98% empty bottle in the fridge, no unrefrigerated-but-otherwise-ready-to-go bottle in the pantry, nothing except for ONE MYSTERY KETCHUP PACKET I found in the bottom of a little plastic container full of those little cream cheese containers that my mom steals from her work cafeteria.

So, here's what I've learned from that episode:
1) We're the type of family to neglect a good 80% of our kitchen at any given moment.
2) At some point we were the type of family to save ketchup packets for a rainy day.

These are but two exemplary reasons why I have resolved to only stock my future kitchen with necessary condiments and quick-fixes (you know, like Top Ramen, Kraft Mac & Cheese, that stuff), and to buy everything else on a need-to-cook basis.
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