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This is my first entry, more or less to serve as a placeholder while I start thinking up stuff to write in here, or at least improve upon with the layout and icons and whatnot.

I have had this particular username for almost three years now, and it has primarily served as a guinea-pig account for LJ layouts. It's also been a place where I sent myself notes-to-self or wrote up portions of NaNoWriMos or homework while, say, at work or a friend's place. Who knows why I decided to add the extra step of putting it in another LJ when I could've just emailed myself stuff. I like complication, I guess. You'll learn all about that when I talk about my culinary methodology.

WTF it's almost eight in the morning?! I told myself to be in bed before sunrise, and here I am making a new LJ instead! Christ. The sun's coming through my windows and everything. Ugh. I'm so bad at properly navigating the intended dichotomy of sleep and consciousness.

So yeah, hi everyone!
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